We are a full-service marketing agency that helps hospitality businesses. Whether you are a restaurant, bar, bakery, brewery, hotel, or other hospitality venture, we are ready to take your marketing to the next level so you can set your business apart from the competition.

website development

Client: La Corte Bistro

La Corte Bistro, a cozy restaurant known for its delicious Mediterranean cuisine, wanted a new website to attract more customers and make it easy to book tables online. The website needed to be easy to use and show off its delicious food with high-quality pictures, a clear menu, and a simple reservation system. They also included customer reviews and links to their social media pages. Our team built the website made sure it worked well on both phones and computers and added interactive features like menu item details and a virtual tour of the restaurant. They also used SEO strategies to make the website appear higher in search results. After launching the new website, Ceviche House saw a big increase in online reservations and customer interactions, helping them connect better with their customers.

rebranding campaign

Client: Ceviche House Orlando

Ceviche House, a vibrant Peruvian restaurant known for its fresh ceviche dishes, decided to undergo a rebranding campaign to attract more customers and modernize its image. The campaign included designing a new logo, and revamping the menu to include trendy, health-conscious options alongside their classic dishes. They also launched a new website and social media accounts to reach a broader audience. After the rebranding, La Corte Bistro saw an increase in both foot traffic and online reservations, with many customers praising the updated atmosphere and exciting new menu choices. It has since been acquired for a large profit for the owners.

social media marketing

Client: Cafe & Hotel Promenade

Cafe & Hotel Promenade, a charming spot that offers both a cozy café and a comfortable hotel, decided to launch a social media marketing campaign to attract more visitors. They created engaging posts showcasing their delicious food, cozy rooms, and special events, using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They also ran contests and promotions to encourage people to follow and share their content. Influencers and local bloggers were invited to experience and review their services, boosting online visibility. As a result of the campaign, Cafe & Hotel Promenade saw a significant increase in followers, more bookings, and greater customer engagement, making their business more popular and well-known in the community.