Our Story

WeGrowHospitality was born based on a project conducted at the Business Department of Rollins College. Using current findings in marketing, strategy, consumer behavior, and digital marketing, we created a concept that would help small businesses thrive in the online environment.

During the coronavirus crisis in 2020, we then saw that our concept was needed more than ever and would be able to improve the situation of almost every hospitality business around the United States. We decided to take action and turn our research into a business and are excited to bring you our Digital Presence System.

Our Impact

We may have started to create higher profits for our customers, but our own focus stretches beyond that. Therefore, we have decided to work with Google Cloud in order to bring you 100% renewable energy matching for all our internet operations. Through this, we are able to maintain a commitment to carbon neutrality.

Additionally, we are committed to supporting the fight of hunger within the United States through a partnership with Feeding America®.  Therefore, we are therefore proud to commit part of our proceeds to the Feeding America Network and will continue to partner with amazing organization battling issues like inequality, food security and other issues that our country is facing.